Disasters in Turkey

Turkey is affected by many natural and manmade hazards, especially by earthquakes , which have caused great losses.

Recent examples are earthquakes in Erzincan 1992 and Dinar 1995 and the 1995 Senirkent landslide. Although disaster management includes studies during and after disaster stages, also measures taken in advance will reduce the likelihood of disasters occurring and, when they do, reduce the loss of lives and assets while promoting a quick and successful recovery and return to development.

Recovery can be enhanced by training of personnel involved in disaster management, teaching the key personnel what to do at the time of a disaster; benefiting from modern technology, and persuading them that disasters can be coped with by utilising facilities of different disciplines such as social and engineering sciences, management sciences and planning.

Organisations that are linked with disaster management should increase their knowledge of disaster management and follow recent developments. Research and improvement of deficiencies of the existing system will achieve this.

Floods, Earthquakes, Seismic Hazard Map of Turkey